All-in-one crypto ecosystem, the next tracking dashboard generation
All-in-one crypto ecosystem, the next tracking dashboard generation
In 2021, Technology enthusiasts and cybersecurity experts all seem to be abuzz with cryptocurrency. With the market changing at an accelerated pace, uncertainty remains and IT professionals struggle to remain current with the latest technological advances. There is a split opinion on the adoption of cryptocurrency among people. In general, cryptocurrency adoption appears to be hindered by several barriers, including ease of wallet usage, privacy in communication, and security.
There have been attempts to improve certain key parts of these keynotes, but inexperience or lack of funds have hindered their effectiveness. Although the online community is full of tools supporting investing and trading, most of them are focused on Altcoin and a few famous tokens. The Vietnamese IT expert, Tony Nguyen (Méo), noticed these shortcomings and developed a product that offers more features than anything alternative in the market. Tony, along with his team built a decentralized platform with elements of centralized exchanges.

What is, an HCMC-based crypto company offers its customers a one-stop-shop crypto ecosystem in the risky crypto market allowing them to maximize and diversify their crypto portfolios. is a new cryptocurrency platform where you can explore, discover, invest, and trade in one place. We extract data directly from the blockchain and integrate it with multiple sources in one place to deliver you all the tools you require. is a platform that provides a powerful, customizable, accessible, and enriched Token explorer coupled with advanced dex tools. This comprehensive crypto ecosystem provides a complete set of advanced features such as Token explorer and tracking, Portfolio tracking, Token alerting, customizable Dashboard, Advances Tokenomics, Pre-sale funds Allocation, Founders and Advisors Wallet distribution and an Android/Ios mobile app, etc. The Platform currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, and Polygon Networks.
The mission is to create an All-in-one crypto Platform that offers a holistic blockchain journey to any developer or crypto trader.
How do democratize crypto trading:
  • Providing traders with the freedom to exchange their number one virtual currencies.
  • Providing an international platform to start-ups, empowering them to acquire global recognition.
  • Providing fundamental apparatuses to Blockchain start-ups to execute and advertise their ICOs safely.

Main features:

  • Access transparent Token explorer with advanced features to enhance data.
  • Filter by token, contract, exchange or change the base currency of any fiat token or pair.
  • Token, check volume, address, holder, and print/burn rate comparison.
  • Create alerts about prices and events.
  • Connect every one of your wallets to our interface and get additional portfolio information.
  • Browse any pair, and save your #1 pair.
  • View Trading charting library included.
  • Activate alerts and watchers over any token or pair.
  • Set up alerts on any metric, and get told in your browser, Telegram, or Discord.
  • Know the value of your portfolio assets whenever, and completely extract transaction history and value changes.
  • Track any wallet and copy the transactions.
  • Track tokens and get alerts from carpet pulling.
  • Get instant notifications as soon as new tokens are created, including forks.
  • Build complex queries on large data.

MEO token

  • MEO is a BEP20 token utility that allows access to the premium features of our tool.
  • Each MEO transaction charges 10 % of the amount, creating a steady increase of investors, liquidity, and funding of the venture.
  • CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x37c4a3a9acfaa4bbe543dcb0d6ce4b2443b3b0d7
  • TYPE: BEP-20 (BSC)
  • TOTAL: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • 50.8% — Sales
  • 29.2% — Locked Liquidity
  • 7.5% — Team
  • 5% — Founder
  • 2.5% — Advisor
  • 5% Burn

Pre-sales Funds Allocation

  • 90%- Locked Liquidity
  • 2.2% — DXSale Launch Service
  • 3.1% — Pre-Launch Development services
  • 4.7% Marketing development The Roadmap

Concept Generation

The initial idea and draft business plan, strategic plan & assembly of business team
2021 Q2

The strategic plan

Research & analysis, technology teams gather, compile the whitepaper with MEO token creation
2021 Q2

Launch of the First Releases on

First Release Launch MEO, additional feature Implementation, token chart features, token trade history Implementation, connect to Ethereum and Polygon network, implement of top tokens by 24h volume board
2021 Q3

Procedure for Marketing Promotion

Smart contracts Deploy and development, first Airdrops event, website application redesign, website design, whitepaper, media for marketing, complete marketing plan, submit token to Coinmarketcap, Private Sale opening, Pre-Sale on DxSale, the decision on launch on Pancake Swap, submission of token to Coingecko, DappRadar, logo on Web3 Wallets And Pancake Swap, Techrate Audit, marketing & advertising strategy
2021 Q4

Coming up Next: enhanced support tools, tier Functions, and trade features

The future is, by all means, bright for the MEO tokens. In the future,, the exclusive token launch platform of MEO, is intending to surprise clients about applying new skin for the tool(v.1.0.0) and implementing the new version for the tools. The platform is likewise looking forward to adding new tier functions and upgraded trade features and backing tools to the framework as near as January 2022 in the future.

Epilogue is more than a platform for offering tokens. It’s likewise full warning help for projects, which will benefit from our insights and experience.
As with any technology-related field, there are consistently valuable ideas and projects inside the All-in-one crypto biological system that anticipate being found and supported.
Buying our tokens implies that you are a significant piece of the network that secures your funds, yet additionally offers long-term investment openings. We will continue to deal with the latest technology and ideas to strengthen our partnership and increment your Return on Investment.
In addition, the extraordinary MEO Tokenomics permit holders to benefit from many underlying benefits. MEO tokens can be used in any of the firm’s applications or for subscriptions to the platform’s administrations.
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